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Greening your Workplace

Most of us have spent the last year working mainly from home. While many of the firms we work for had been (and continue to be) making great strides towards a more eco-friendly office environment, how have we translated these measures to our own "home office"?

Our elimination of the commute to work and much reduced use of public and private transport may have improved our carbon footprint (even temporarily). But there's plenty more we can do towards creating a "green office" from home? If you've been a bit remiss on this front, it's not too late and here are a few easy reminders on how we can convert the home office to green:

Environmentally Friendly Furniture

  • Either repurpose existing household furniture, buy second-hand or buy sustainable - furniture made from rattan, bamboo, seagrass for example. Available from various retailers:

Green Stationery & Office Supplies

  • Go as paper-free as possible or at least reduce paper usage – take electronic notes and minimise printing.

  • If you must write, use paper scraps, recycled paper, pencils and refillable pens. Eco-friendly options from:

Optimise the Natural Light

  • If possible, have your work area in front of your windows in such a way that the sunlight brightens your workspace.

Energy Saving Measures

  • Switch to LED lights (more expensive short-term but ultimately more cost-efficient).

  • Get a Smart power strip – an extension cable that turns off your plugged-in devices when not in use.

  • Remove your Screen Saver – this avoids needless waste of electricity. Change your settings instead so that your computer goes into hibernation or sleep mode instead when it’s not in use.

Plants & Non-Toxic Materials

  • Keep plants in your work space – proven to clean the air (absorbing CO2), reduce stress, increase productivity, not to mention they look nice!

  • If painting your walls or repurposing a piece of furniture, choose non-toxic paints which are free from “VOCs” (Volatile Organic Compounds). Consider alternatives to carpet which can also emit significant VOC levels.

AND AT ALL TIMES …. Remember the 5 R’s:

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