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Green Team Network's 2023 Half - Year Highlights

What an incredible and green-filled six months it has been! We're excited to take you on a journey through the key events that have shaped our first half of 2023 and underlined the urgency of the sustainability initiative within the Irish Funds Industry. Let's dive in!


We hit the ground running on 12th January at the Kroll breakfast event where the winners of Sustainathon 2022 presented on "Scope Me." A robust panel discussion set the pace for the year, sparking insightful conversations around sustainability.


Fast forward to 28th February, the anticipation was tangible at the Museum of Literature (MOLI).

The pre-launch of the Irish Funds Climate Challenge confirmed the resilience of our industry's resolve to fight climate change.


With enthusiastic groups from the Funds Industry and roping in some family and friends, we successfully planted trees on two separate occasions (4th and 24th March) at the beautiful Fernhill Park, Stepaside, nurturing Mother Earth one tree at a time.


Then came the grand spectacle from 17-28 April: The Climate Challenge. A rallying cry for every individual, every firm in the Funds Industry to become climate warriors - we were all set for a CO2 showdown! Sponsors including MUFG Investor Services, Grant Thornton, Irish Life Investment Managers (ILIM) and the collaborative efforts of our partners Ducky and Global Action Plan fuelled the Climate Challenge.

In total, 23 teams with 2,331 participants took part, accomplishing 229,000 activities. In doing so, participants saved an average of 89kg CO2 per person, preventing the emission of 173 tonnes of CO2e. A hearty applause to our champions and winners – you set the bar high!

The victor's crown was adorned by Kroll as the Inaugural Winner. We also had winners by category - IQ-EQ (Service Provider), PwC (Professional Services Firm), GemCap (Manager), and McCann FitzGerald with the prestigious "ScopeMe" Award.

We also celebrated our Climate Champions - Saloni Mantri from Kroll, Sabina Cotter from McCann Fitzgerald, and Sinéad Durkan from MUFG Investor Services. These weren't just accolades but testaments to our collective spirit and the power of unity.

By April, we reached an important milestone – 2,000 followers on LinkedIn (now at 2,253) – showcasing the ever-growing interest and support in our cause.


May was bustling with activity, starting with a breakfast briefing at EY on the 10th discussing "The Rise of the Social Agenda: The S in ESG." Then, we waved the Green Team Network flag at the Irish Funds Global Conference on 18th May, where we awarded our Climate Challenge champions and hosted an engaging Green Quiz. We continued the momentum at the Adminovate Conference on 25th May, engaging attendees with another enlightening Green Quiz.

As we rolled into late May, we had a fantastic day at the Young Environmentalist Awards on 26th May and engaged in the ESG Summit at Croke Park on the 30th – both opportunities to learn, share, and applaud sustainability initiatives.

June / July

In July we organised a National Clean-Up Day on 7th July. We joined forces with different firms and local authorities in various locations across the country, proving yet again that sustainability is a shared responsibility. Over 80 people from across the industry took part. Check out the highlights reel from the event.

As we wrap up the first half of 2023, we'd like to express our gratitude for your unwavering support and commitment to making the Irish Funds Industry more sustainable. We're excited about our programme of events and activities for the next half of the year. So, stay tuned, stay green and remember, every action, no matter how small, contributes to a more sustainable future. Our journey is far from over!

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