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What is the Green Pledge?

The Green Pledge is an online tool aimed at encouraging and supporting firms in the Irish Funds industry to  take action on sustainability issues affecting their business and promote those actions they have already taken.

The initial goal of the Green Pledge is to produce statistics and allow firms to see how they compare to peers and within the overall industry on their environmental sustainable actions. Importantly, neither individual scores nor names of participants will be shared by the Green Team Network.

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Who Can Pledge?

Any firm connected to the Irish Funds industry can sign up. In the Irish Funds industry, there are 150+ firms with 16,000+ employees all trying individually to improve sustainability, all at different stages of this journey.

The Irish Funds Industry can take responsibility to empower change towards a sustainable environment.

The Green Pledge - Pilot Firms

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Why Pledge?

By signing up to the Green Pledge, it sends a message to your employees, clients and the wider industry that you are taking action to become a green firm, you are leading the way to take positive steps towards sustainability goals.

The Green Pledge draws from the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goals 7 and 13: Affordable and Clean Energy, and Climate Action, and Paris Agreement goals and is designed to support the steps the Irish funds industry could make towards achieving these goals.

We hope that the Pledge will provide a platform for peer to peer information sharing on a broad range of environmentally sustainable initiatives.

How Can I Pledge?

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Select Your Actions

To make the Green Pledge, you select from a list of environmentally sustainable  actions. Tick all the pledges that are applicable to your firm by clicking here.

Completing the Pledge should take approximately 7-10 minutes

Obtain Your Score

Once you have completed the Green Pledge, your entry will be reviewed and scored by The Green Team Network.  Firms will be awarded a score dependent on the number of pledges completed and any weighting attached to a particular pledge. Individual scores will not be shared publicly.

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Take Action

Once signed up, you can demonstrate to your clients and the wider funds industry that you are taking action.  You will then start taking action on your pledges, with the Green Team Network providing a bi-annual check in on progress.


The Green Pledge aims to be inclusive to all and to be a tool to show public commitment at firm level to working towards making real change. 

​The Green Pledge will periodically share updates with Pledge members on ranking among peers in order to provide insights into where your environmental sustainable goals rank.

The Green Team Network aims to provide support by sharing initiatives across firms and running informative webinars.

​You can also visit our resources section of our website here or contact The Green Team Network at

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