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About Us

Our Mission

Supporting member firms' efforts to close the gap between Intent, Action and Impact on Sustainability

In the Irish funds industry we have 150+ firms with 16,000+ employees all trying individually to improve sustainability and at different stages of this journey however there is currently no central forum to bring these firms together to share ideas, leverage knowledge and bring about real collective change in relation to impact of their offices and employees on the environment. 

The aim of the Green Team Network is to address this need and facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration regarding addressing sustainability goals cross companies within the Irish Funds industry.

Our idea is that members of this network will pool their ideas, resources and campaigns which will result in savings on time, effort and cost across the industry. We want this to be a platform that will facilitate the implementation of all sustainable ideas over time such as those submitted in Sustainathon 2020.

As the network grows and the collective communication and conversation begins, we would hope that together we can use our influence for even more impactful change as the industry grows… one voice instead of multiple.

Our Objectives

A collective approach to addressing sustainability challenges

Collective Approach

We want to establish a network, facilitate knowledge sharing and implement collective campaigns across the Industry.

Educational Support

We aim to support the development of Best Practice Guidelines and Thought Leadership from member firms. We want to support firms in upskilling employees in this area and encourage them to form a committee dedicated to making a change.


At the Green Team Network, we want to develop a platform that can be used to share events, statistics, news, publications and updates on key topics. We would also like to facilitate quarterly sustainability briefings with key note speakers and opportunities for collaboration.

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