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Funds Industry Climate Challenge

Everyone from the Funds Industry has a central role to play in the fight against climate change.

You have the opportunity to turn your firm into change agents!

The Funds Industry Climate Challenge was a two week challenge that took place

from the 17 April to 28 April 2023

The aim was to create awareness, strengthen industry relationships and guide action towards reducing individual CO2 emissions. The challenge was designed to engage employees on their own impact and change behaviours.

Stay tuned for updates on the 2024 edition!

Impact in 2023
Cloudy Day

How does it work?

Companies participate in the Funds Industry Climate Challenge and get their employees to engage and join challenge. Each employee is a given a code to join the company team and they log climate friendly activities that reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the overall team reduction of CO2.

Each company then competes against all other companies in the industry. The team with the most amount of CO2 emissions saved at the end of the period wins!! It's that simple.

Why Participate

Combine team building with sustainability

Strengthen your company's culture in a common cause

Demonstrate commitment to climate action 

Embed climate action in company's DNA

Connect employees to your sustainability strategy

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