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The "Green Teams" Interview

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

To help everyone raise their game when it comes to addressing sustainability goals, we promised to share with you some of the knowledge and experiences of other firms in the industry in their efforts to be greener. With this in mind, click below to watch our interview with 3 Green Teams in the Irish Funds industry, outlining the benefits of having a green team as well as tips and tricks for getting them started and making them a success.

You may already have a green or environmentally focused team within your firm, either standalone or part of overall CSR. Or you may be thinking about setting one up or launching some green initiatives. Either way, we hope you will find this discussion informative and insightful. We would love to hear from more green teams and their experiences either within the funds industry or beyond. Please get in touch at

Huge thanks to Eversheds Sutherland for hosting, recording and editing the session and also to our highly engaging panel:

  • Suzanne Senior - BlackRock

  • Deborah Hutton - Eversheds Sutherland Ireland

  • Ian Martin - HSBC


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