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Upskilling in Green - Courses & Qualifications

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Recent years have seen the demand for ESG expertise and skills skyrocket, not just in the funds industry but across the board. Several new courses and qualifications have come on stream, covering everything from broad environmental science and sustainable finance to for example ESG investing and the circular economy - and numerous other themes in between.

You may be interested in learning and studying more in this field either for personal or professional reasons, or both. Depending on your particular interest, goals, time availability and how in-depth you want to go, there is a wide range of courses and qualifications to choose from - and the list is ever-growing. Our advice is to research the options fully before making a commitment and if possible, talk to others who have either completed those courses or are in the process of doing so.


Current Courses on Offer

Undergraduate Courses

- Sustainability: Environmental Science & Engineering

- Sustainability: Social Sciences, Policy and Law

Postgraduate Courses

- Environmental Sustainability (MSc, Grad Dip, Grad Cert)

- Sustainable Development (MSc)

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

Smart & Sustainable Cities (MSc, Dip)

Achieving Sustainable Development


Professional Certificate in Responsible & Sustainable Finance


Business Ethics: An Introduction to Ethics for Business Leaders

1. Sustainability – 3 levels

2. Carbon – 3 levels

3. Circular – 3 levels

4. Sustainability & ESG Reporting – 3 levels

5. Design, Strategy Innovation & Sustainability – 3 levels

Skillnet - Training for enterprises in the sustainability sector

Diploma in International Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility Training

- Various courses.

- Certificate in ESG Investing

Principles of Sustainable Finance

- Getting Started in RI / Foundations in RI / Advanced RI Analysis / RI for Trustees

- Training in the Circular Economy

- Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR®) Certificate


Hear from our Members

Above we list just some of the courses and qualifications currently on offer - there are many more and we will update the list with further options as they arise. In fact, if you are are aware of, currently studying for or have completed any other qualification or training in this area, do let us know at

In the months ahead, we will share with you some feedback from colleagues in the funds industry who are completing some of the courses as part of the Upskilling in Green Series. As the Green Team Network is all about us sharing ideas and experiences related to tackling climate change, we hope you will find this helpful.

Here are the three courses reviewed so far:


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