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Green Team Network : Year in Review

2023: A Year of Growth and Impact

The Green Team Network (GTN) has had an exceptional year, marked by a remarkable expansion of our community, strengthened commitments to sustainability, and the successful execution of engaging events that have fostered awareness and action within the Irish Funds industry.

Community Growth and Expanded Reach

Our growing community, now encompassing over 800 subscribers and 2,600 LinkedIn followers, reflects the increasing recognition of sustainability as a critical priority in the funds sector. This expanding network serves as a hub for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and inspiration, empowering individuals and organizations to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

Enhancing Sustainability Commitments

With over 20 firms now signed up to the Green Pledge, the GTN has witnessed a significant increase in the number of organizations committed to embedding sustainability principles into their operations. These firms are actively working to reduce their environmental footprint, promote social responsibility, and uphold strong governance practices.

Signature Events Fostering Sustainability Dialogue

The GTN has organized a series of thought-provoking events throughout 2023 that have deepened the dialogue around sustainability within the Irish Funds industry. These events have brought together industry leaders, experts, and individuals to discuss critical issues, share best practices, and inspire action.

Q1: Kickstarting Sustainability Initiatives

January: Launching the year with a Kroll breakfast event, we hosted a panel discussion and networking session on sustainability, introducing the innovative "Scope Me" tool developed by the winners of the 2022 Sustainathon. 

February: In preparation for the Irish Funds Climate Challenge, we organized a pre-launch event at the Museum of Literature (MOLI), fostering engagement and enthusiasm for the upcoming initiative. 

March: Continuing our commitment to sustainability, we organized two tree planting events in Fernhill Park, Stepaside, demonstrating our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Q2: Embracing the Climate Challenge and Beyond

April: The Irish Funds Climate Challenge kicked off with resounding success, mobilizing over 2,300 participants from 150+ firms. The challenge encouraged individuals to adopt sustainable practices, reducing their carbon footprints by an average of 89kg per person. 

May: We hosted a breakfast briefing and networking event at EY, with a panel discussion on the rise of the social agenda within the funds industry. We also hosted a Green Quiz as part of Adminovate Conference, further promoting sustainability awareness and engagement.

During the Irish Funds Global Conference, we announced the winners of the Climate Challenge, recognizing their exceptional contributions to environmental action. 

Q3: Expanding Sustainability Horizons

July: Joining hands for National Clean-Up Day, GTN members volunteered at various locations across Ireland. We published thought-provoking articles on encouraging biodiversity in gardens and exploring the concept of "co-opetition," highlighting the potential for collaboration to achieve shared sustainability goals. 

September: Engaging with industry leaders and sustainability experts, we hosted an ESG breakfast event with The Panel and Change by Degrees, focused on bridging the gap between climate financial risk and sustainability education.

Q4: Recognizing Achievements and Embracing Innovation


October: We celebrated the Irish Funds Climate Challenge's recognition as the Stakeholder Engagement Initiative of the Year at the All Ireland Sustainability Awards. Reflecting our commitment to innovation, we published an article on the transformative role of AI in revolutionizing the ESG and fund management industry.

November: Navigating the intricacies of ESG, we hosted an exclusive event at Waystone as part of Ireland's sixth annual Climate Finance Week. The panel discussion delved into the social and governance aspects of ESG, emphasizing their crucial connection with climate finance. 

December: As the holiday season approached, we provided valuable tips and suggestions for sustainable gift-giving, sustainable attire, and energy-efficient practices, encouraging individuals to reduce their environmental impact during the festivities.

Looking ahead: 2024 and Beyond

With a renewed sense of momentum and enthusiasm, we are excited to announce our plans for 2024. We will continue to advance our mission of promoting sustainability in the Irish Funds industry, with a special focus on the Climate Challenge 2.0. This ambitious initiative will build upon the success of its predecessor, aiming to mobilize even more participants and achieve even greater environmental impact.


We are delighted to announce GTN's first in-person event of 2024 - a breakfast briefing and networking event featuring FoodCloud on Wednesday, 28th February from 8.30 - 10.30am, kindly hosted by Eversheds Sutherland at their offices in Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2. Further details to follow shortly - meanwhile, please save the date.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our members, partners, and supporters for their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Together, we will continue to drive positive change in the Irish Funds industry and beyond, shaping a more sustainable future for all. 

Green Team Network



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